Probate Real Estate Services

When a loved one passes away, the grieving process can be overwhelming. In addition to dealing with the emotional toll, families are often faced with the task of managing their loved one’s estate. 

A person’s estate may consist of a house, vehicle, bank accounts and investments. If the estate is valued at more than $100,000 then it must go through the probate process once they pass away. Identification and distribution of the decedent’s assets to the legitimate heirs are tasks of this legal process. Real estate property can be one of these assets, which would make the probate process more difficult.

We provide services that can help families simplify this process, which can help alleviate stress and overwhelm for families during this difficult time.

Probate Real Estate Services

Initial Consultation

During our initial consultation, I will ask you a number of questions about the property and the circumstances surrounding the sale. I will take this opportunity to learn more details about your personal situation and your needs. 

Learning about your situation will help me determine what type of services I can provide and what type of buyer we should target for the house. For example, if you need to sell quickly, I may suggest listing the property as-is and determine a price for a quick sale.

Probate Real Estate Agent

Selling probate properties is one of the key services offered by IL Probate Help.

When someone dies, the real estate they own, is usually distributed according to their will or, if there is no will, according to state inheritance laws.

The probate process is the legal process that establishes the validity of a will, identifies the property of the deceased, and appoints a representative for the estate who will then distribute the proceeds to the rightful heir or beneficiary.

Selling Mom's House During Probate

As an expert in inherited real estate transactions, I offer a comprehensive range of services and benefits that can simplify the process for Estate Executors and or Estate Administrators. Here’s a list detailing why hiring me could be of significant advantage to you:

Market Knowledge: With years of experience in the real estate market, I can provide accurate property valuations and help you understand the best time to sell to maximize profits. I can also give you insights into buyer behavior in your particular market, which can be beneficial when setting the price or considering offers.

Professional Networking: I have a large network of other professionals in related fields, such as real estate attorneys, tax experts, and contractors. This can be invaluable when you need additional services, as I can provide trusted recommendations.

Effective Marketing: I have extensive experience in marketing properties and can create a customized, effective marketing plan for your inherited property. This includes professional photography, targeted advertising, and leveraging my network of potential buyers.

Negotiation Skills: Negotiating a probate real estate sale can be challenging, especially in emotionally charged situations like selling an inherited property. I can handle negotiations on your behalf, helping you to secure the best possible price for the property.

Stress Reduction: Selling an inherited property can be a stressful and time-consuming process. As a professional, I can handle the majority of the tasks involved, leaving you with more time to focus on other responsibilities.

Closing Support: I will be with you every step of the way, all the way to closing. This includes helping with paperwork, coordinating with buyers and their agents, and ensuring that all legal and financial requirements are met.

Overall, the goal of the home sale is to ensure that the property is sold promptly and at the maximum amount while complying with the legal requirements of the probate process. By hiring me as your probate real estate professional, you will have peace of mind knowing that you have an experienced, knowledgeable advocate on your side, working to ensure the best possible outcome for the estate.

IL Probate Help | Probate Real Estate Services

As-Is, Where Is, Sales

You may decide that you want to sell the house fast, without any repairs, or removal of any personal property. I have a database of investors who would be ready to purchase the house for cash, as-is.

You will avoid needing to make any repairs before putting the house on the market, and avoid having to empty the house of any personal items.

This may be an easy convenient option, especially if you are a personal representative who is handling the probate process from out of state.

Estate Sale Service

Another important aspect of the probate real estate process is deciding what to do with your loved one’s personal property. 

I work closely with excellent estate sale companies, and their services involve the sale of personal property and household items that were owned by your loved one.

They are professionals who understand that this is a difficult time, and their teams help make sorting through any personal items go as smooth as possible.

IL Probate Help | Probate Real Estate Services

They offer comprehensive services that include the following steps:

1. Sorting and organizing personal property – Our estate companies will work with the Executor or Administrator of the estate to sort and organize the personal property. They help you decide which items to keep and which are to be sold at the estate sale. This includes furniture, artwork, collectibles, and other household items.

2. Pricing and tagging items – Our estate companies will price and tag each item for sale, taking into account the value, condition, and market demand.

3. Marketing and advertising – Our estate companies will market and advertise the sale to attract potential buyers, using a variety of channels such as online listings, social media, and local advertising.

4. Hosting the sale – Our estate companies will host the sale, typically over a weekend, providing staff to handle sales, answer questions, and manage the flow of customers.

5. Post-sale Cleanup – After the sale is completed, our estate companies will remove any unsold items and clean up the property, leaving it in a broom-clean condition.

Our Estate sale services can be particularly useful for clients who are looking to liquidate their loved one’s personal property quickly and efficiently, while also achieving a fair price for their items. 

By working with our experienced estate sales companies, clients can ensure that all personal property is properly priced, and marketed and that the sale is conducted professionally and respectfully.

IL Probate Help | Probate Real Estate Services

Repairs, and Maintenance

I work with several maintenance and repair companies. They offer a wide range of repair and maintenance services.

These services can include painting, repairs to any damage that may have occurred, lock rekey, cleaning, and even landscaping. 

The goal is to help you make the property more marketable. We will work with you to determine what needs to be done in order to get the property in tip-top shape for showings. 

Benefits of Using Our Services

There are several benefits to using our services when selling real estate assets that are part of probate. Here are some of the key advantages:

Expertise and experience 
Time and cost savings
Access to our network of professionals
Professional and respectful service

These benefits will help make the process of selling real estate assets that are part of a probate estate be a smoother and less stressful process for everyone involved.

Free Consultation

If you’re dealing with the sale of real estate assets as part of a probate estate, it can be a challenging and overwhelming process. 

Fortunately, we are here to provide you with the expertise and guidance you need to navigate this complex situation with confidence. Our team can help. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us today to schedule a consultation and get started. We look forward to working with you!