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The death of a loved one is always difficult for the family, not only are you dealing with the emotional turmoil but also the stress from getting the estate in order. From my experience as a Certified Probate Real Estate Specialist who has helped probate personal representatives, I know how overwhelming it can be to try and handle all these responsibilities at once!

You might feel like giving up on your job or thinking about switching gears entirely because there’s just too much that needs doing right now but don’t worry; I’m here help make things easier by handling some small parts so YOU have more time devoted towards what matters most: taking care of YOUR valuable memories.


A full spectrum of services to Personal Representatives

Having helped many probate Personal Representatives like you, I understand that managing the details of an estate for a family member or friend who has passed can be challenging. My experience in this field gives me the insight on how best to help you take care all aspects of the probate process. 

From start to finish my team and I will help coordinate services needed so it’s easier than ever before – saving you hours especially if you’re handling probate from out-of state.

I have some industry best professionals whose craft is organizing personal belongings as well as Estate Sales & property maintenance etc. They not only do these things exceptionally but compassionately too.

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Settling a probate estate can seem complicated and costly, so you want to do it quickly with fairness. To make sure your efforts are successful avoid the 7 BIG mistakes that most administrators & executors commit! Find out what these missteps are (and how to dodge them) by taking advantage of my free eBook – in just 10 minutes or less, everything will become clear.